Re: New Users Read This First !!!

Hello & Welcome!

It's great to have you with us!

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Let me start by telling you a little bit about forums in general.

Industry specific forums are a great way to find information, chat to people, further your knowledge, find solutions to problems... the list goes on. There are many forums out there but sadly not many dedicated to the Metal Finishing Industry. If you have been on forums before you would have noticed that most of them look different and are built on different forum software platforms.
For Finishing Talk we went with the most widely used, most professional, easiest to understand software... This software is called bulletin. Of course we have tweaked it, made adjustments, and customized it to fit our industry but most features remain the same on all bulletin forums.
The great thing about that is, once you learn how to navigate and use a forum, you wont have to re-learn everything again if you decide to participate in another forum.

Now let me answer some question you may have. Obviously you figured out how to navigate to this topic (In the forum world topics are known as threads.). This thread (labeled above) is "New Users Read This First !!!". Replying to a thread is easy, first navigate to the thread you wish to reply to (like this one) and click the "Post Reply button in the top left. In addition to posting replies to threads you can also start your own. Simply navigate to the category you wish to create a thread in and click "New Thread" on the top left. The rest is quite self explanatory.

In all honestly the best way to learn is just to play around, spend some time on here, post some replies and start some threads, you can also change your profile (you can do this by clicking on "My Profile" located on the right menu).

You can even subscribe to threads (this means when a reply is posted, you will receive an email), or send Private Messages to other users (this will popup instantly on their screen if they are logged in and looking around Finishing Talk).

Don't forget the search feature above! This is a very helpful tool and will help from asking repeated questions. The search tool will prove invaluable in the future once this forum starts to take off.

If you need help you can always check out the FAQ (frequently asked questions) page by clicking on FAQ on the right hand side. If you still cant find the answer to your questions just post again and ask!

If by any chance you notice you cannot do something because the option seemed to disappear, make sure you are logged in. Some options are hidden to Guest users. The best way to prevent time wasted is to stay logged in when you are navigating this site.

We'll I've said all I can think of... remember, if you need a hand just ask!

Welcome to The FTF (Finishing Talk Family)!!

Griffe Youngleson

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