Finishing Talk

Topic: Calendar Tutorial

For those of you who have had questions about posting events on the Finishing Talk Calendar, here is a quick guide to adding an event (this can be anything from a small, company event, to an industry event, to the birthday of a prestigious metal finisher or even a holiday that is finishing related) :

1. Log-in to the Finishing Talk forums.
2. Click on "community"
3. Notice the blue control panel at the top of the forums that lists "Index", "User List", "Rules" and so on...
4. Click on "Profile". This will take you to your personal profile page.
5. You will see 5 tabs at the top of your profile page; click the one entitled "My Events".
6. There will be a large, blue button that says "Add Your Event". Click this and simply edit the information, date, etc. for your event.

You can then return to the Calendar page once you've added your event, and make sure it uploaded properly. If you need to make any changes at any time, simply retrace the above steps, and click "edit" next to the event you wish to alter. If you have any problems, please contact us.

Paul Fisher, Publisher