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What is the best way to clean aluminum parts for powdercoating that are to thin to withstand abrasive blasting?


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Phosphating is generally considered the best pretreatment for powdercoating.  It provides the mechanical bonding of abrasive blasting with cleaning superior to solvents.

-Dustin Gebhardt, CEF

Advanced Manufacturing/Finishing Engineer


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enviroservchemicals.com has an aluminum conditioner #2577 it can be used in a dip tank at ambient temperature. My dip tanks are plastic 55 gallon drums. I have used this product for 8 months on hundreds of parts and I am very satisfied. M. carter

bill doherty

Re: etching alumunum

We in Australia have a standard AS3715 for powdercoating Architectural Aluminium components.

It is very good though sometimes lubricants used in Al fabrication like Beeswax for example cause difficulty.

Essentially we have a caustic wash/ rinse/ hydrofluoric acid etch/ rinse/ Chromate conversion/ rinse/ overflow rinse/ de-i rinse.

the conductivity of rinse run off from the finish part is to be less than 25 micro siemens. I have preceded this process with an MEK wipe when fabrication lubricants are present.