Southern Metal Finishing

Re: Meet the AESF for the Future Candidates

I sincerely value the nearly 100 years of tradition of the AESF and am eager to provide the leadership the Society needs in order to ensure these traditions never die. I promise to provide the time, energy and resources necessary. I accept the challenge to reinvigorate the AESF though new membership, better benefits and a refocus on our original mission and purpose.

A vote for any one of the “AESF For the Future” candidates is a vote for AESF to remain the internationally recognized leader in education for the metal finishing industry. Your vote will help the AESF remain intact as a individual membership based society focused on the education and future development of all aspects of metal finishing; and the dissemination of that information to its membership.
Paul Fisher for AESF President

Our AESF -- our individual membership educational society -- is the exact tool we need if we are to be able to address the sweeping technological and global changes facing the surface finishing industry. But the ship has been off course for several years now; although we've been led by good and honest people whose hearts have been in the right place, their vision unfortunately has not.

The future for America and our surface finishing practitioners lies in enthusiastically embracing new technologies. And this mission will attract new blood, too. Although reality constrains what technologies a shop or supplier can adopt at a given time, it should not constrain what technologies we learn about and show enthusiasm for. We should cooperate fully with the trade groups who serve our industry, but we should not allow ourselves to be co-opted by them and their inherently narrower interests.

If the council of delegates votes to turn the ship around and retain an independent AESF, a fresh crew stands ready to man the helm and I am delighted to be a part of it.