Topic: 200 posts milestone

I see that I've now hit 200 posts.  SWEET!

On another related story:  I need to find a life.  :-)

-Dustin Gebhardt, CEF

Advanced Manufacturing/Finishing Engineer


Sanford, NC

Finishing Talk

Re: 200 posts milestone

Congratulations Dustin!  And for the record, all of us here at Finishing Talk disagree with your "get a life" comment.... and would rather think instead that you just have an awesome hobby!
That is why we created the Gebhardt Award last year, to help encourage other members in this community to contribute on the level that you do.  The information that you’ve shared here will continue to serve others in the industry in a way that no other medium can.  Your advice has been, and will continue to be repeated and echoed in the halls of finishing shops all around the world for many years to come.

Here is to you, and here is to your mile stone of 200 posts!

Paul Fisher, Publisher