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Topic: 300 Exhibitors Present Solutions at PaintExpo

More than 300 exhibitors, exclusively from the field of industrial coating technology, will be represented at the 3rd PaintExpo at the Karlsruhe Exhibition Centre (Germany) from the 13th through the 16th of April, 2010. PaintExpo is thus corroborating its position as a leading international trade fair for the coating technology industry. The world’s most comprehensive, in-depth information and procurement offerings for optimising the efficiency and quality of liquid painting, powder coating and coil coating processes will await the visitors – regardless of whether they paint or coat metals, plastics, glass, wood, wooden materials or other surfaces.

With more than 300 exhibitors from 17 countries, including practically all of the market and technology leaders, PaintExpo is able to register more than 5% growth, even in economically challenging times. Roughly 20% of all exhibiting companies come from outside of Germany. The portfolio presented by the leading international trade fair for industrial coating technology covers the entire process sequence from pretreatment right on up to final inspection, and includes systems and application technology, paints, drying and cross-linking system, conveyor systems, automation solutions and painting robots, measuring and test equipment, quality control, environmental engineering, accessories, consumable materials and services.

Numerous Innovations in all Exhibition Sectors

Solutions which contribute to reduced consumption of energy and resources, as well as increased process reliability, quality and flexibility, are the focal point of the exhibitor presentations. Most of the exhibiting companies take advantage of the leading international trade fair to showcase innovations and further developments, for example system concepts which result in drastically reduced energy consumption for powder coating, liquid painting and electrophoretic dip painting. The new paint guns and atomisers which will be presented at PaintExpo have been laid out for significant material savings by means of increased transfer efficiency. The exhibitors will demonstrate yet another approach to reducing material consumption with flexible paint feeding systems. For example, an innovative colour change system with pipe-clearing technology will be presented which reduces paint loss and the consumption of solvents by up to 80%.

The exhibitors will also introduce new developments in the fields of conveyor and automation technology, and in the area of painting robots as well. Amongst others, these include a very compact robot which, thanks to its extremely thin wrist, is able to reach into the tightest of spaces, and a robot solution for painting cabinet doors and windows which programmes itself completely automatically.

Beyond this, visitors will be presented with numerous new developments involving liquid and UV paint systems, as well as powdered enamel systems. The focus on reducing VOC emissions continues in the field of liquid painting through the use of so-called very-high-solid and ultra-high-solid coatings, which are distinguished by very high solid content. Powdered enamels which inhibit outgassing and are used on castings with high gas emission levels and galvanised substrates are mentioned here as an example of new powder coating developments. Other innovations in this area include a new generation of smooth, extremely scratch resistant, single-layer metallic powdered enamels with matte finishes for highly demanding interior applications, new powdered enamels which remain stable at high temperatures, powdered enamels which provide corrosion protection and powdered enamels for glassy surfaces.

Amongst other pretreatment processes, an alternative to trication phosphate coatings will be presented which is compatible with numerous metals and can be used for steel, zinc and aluminium surfaces. As compared with power washers, processes such as CO2 snow-jet cleaning result in savings of up to 50% on initial investment costs, up to 20% on operating costs and up to 80% with regard to required floor space where the cleaning of plastic parts prior to painting is concerned.

Other new developments deserve mention as well, for example test and inspection systems, accessories such as covering materials, painting hangers, filters and pumps, as well as paint stripping products such as a water-based system which has been designed for gentle, spray-on paint stripping. It can be used for gently stripping paint from small parts, bulk goods and workpieces with large surface areas.

PaintExpo will take place at the Karlsruhe Exhibition Centre (Germany) from 13 through 16 April 2010, and will be open Tuesday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and on Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Further information and the exhibitor list can be accessed at