Topic: Aged Pewter Powdercoat

Could somebody please assist me in finding a particular powdercoat.I manufacture wrought iron beds but very low volume. I currently have our beds powdercoated in a texture black finish & i then apply hand painted(brushed or sponged)finishes to them to give the aged look. I do antique bronze,silver,green gold etc.I would however like to find a pewter type aged powdercoat finish(if it exists).I find I am spending far too much time hand painting.My powdercoater is unaware of anything available(we are in Australia).


Re: Aged Pewter Powdercoat

Check with Dulux Powder.  They're good  blokes.  Here's a link: http://www.duluxpowders.com.au/powd/cda … 8,,00.html