Topic: TTX Completes 2 Wet Booths, Powder Booths and Enviornmental Room

TTX Completes 2 Wet Booths, Powder Booths and Enviornmental Room

TTX has completed the installation of two wet booths, the environmental room and associated Nordson powder booths, and the majority of the SST pretreatment and E-coat system. Other support equipment continues to be purchased including load/unload platforms, hoists, a 60kw generator, blast room equipment, a 200HP air compressor and racking.

The northern bay floor has been super reinforced for a free standing 60,000lb crane system for value-added assembly and in-house kitting. The crane will cover approximately 25,000 square feet of assembly area, and will be production ready by June 1st along with the rest of the facility and equipment.

The 7,200 square feet office area should be ready for the installation of cubicles and furniture by April 1st. The IT room is near completion and wiring is being put in place to support office and shop floor functions. This includes computers, bar code and ticket printing, RFID, clocking, paint line management, receiving, shipping, etc. The secondary containment and blast room have been completed, as well as a majority of the HVAC, fire protection, air, lighting, water and electrical systems.

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