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Topic: Anodize & Impregnation - which one first?

Our company uses a large quantity of aluminum cast valves which must the impregnated and anodized black, and I keep receiving different opinions of the sequence of finish so I would like advice in this area...

Should the part be impregnated first and then anodized or anodized first?

We are very sensitive to porosity issues and not so concerned with the esthetics of the part - some variance in the color (black) is acceptable.

Thanks for your advice.



Re: Anodize & Impregnation - which one first?

Hello there

Impregnation, if you are talking about surface finishing, is normally after the anodizing. Sometimes cast aluminum has a lot of porosity and if very important to avoid this, you should try to HIP you casting before anodizing.

HIP, hot isostatic pressing, is a process which some people claim to be a great solution. It is an expensive process.

Please tell me more about the impregnation, so we are talking about the same.

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