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This is my first post on the forum and hence please forgive me if I am breaking some forum laws :)

I am owner of a company that's manufacturing textile spinning rings. … _rings.htm

Currently most of our competitors are using Vibratory as well as Centrifugal polishing methods to achieve surface roughness of less than Ra 0.1uM. We also have bought these polishing machines but somehow we aren't able to get the same results.

Currently our components have surface roughness between Ra 0.2-0.15 uM.

Please help.

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Re: Help me to improve finishing!

What is your finishing cycle?  Time, media type, any other parameters?

Usually, the longer you run your pieces in a vibratory process, the more refined the finish.  You may also be able to utilize chemical accelerants or perhaps even a purely chemical process. 

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Re: Help me to improve finishing!

I agree with DustinGebhardt. Usually an acidic vibratory compound or a chemical de-burrer will get rid of the roughness and bring the part to a nice polished shine.

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I am sorry for the delay in reply.

We manufacture some bearing like components from bearing steel (100Cr6 / EN-31 / SAE 52100). After machining they are heat treated and as a result their hardness is around HRC 62-65.

Later the components are polished in Vibratory & Centrifugal Polishing Machines. Abrasive ceramic media (Grey) is used for deburring and polishing while for very silky finish we use non abrasive type ceramic media (white).

Initially we put the components in vibratory machine filled with abrasive ceramic media and mild solution of oxalic acid to clean the oil and salts of heat treatment. After 30 mins we wash out oxalic acid and then mild solution of caustic soda is added and the machine runs for another 90 mins. Then we again wash out the solution and add another shot of caustic soda and run the machine for 90 mins.

After this the components are put into centrifugal polishing machine where we use non abrasive type media and a mildly thick greenish liquid to get very silky finish. The machine is run for about 1 hour.


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Increase the speed SFM.Built Up Edge (BUE) is impacted by three primary factors: material chemistry which you can't change- you already have the material; surface footage slower speed means hot chip is in contact with tool longer, creating higher BUE; and tool geometry the point is to slice or cut, not rub off the material.