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I need to decorate a series of folded aluminum sheets (about 1 mm thick and 70 cm x 50 cm), and I would like to obtain a patterns surface, using at least two or three colours per sheet. I am considering Powder coating, but that would give me a single color result. Is seems, however, the best process for a lasting result. Will I be able to paint over it, and what would I need to use? Would using car spray or metal directly on the aluminum work better and would the priming process be very complicated? The finished pieces would need to last in an indoor warm and humid environment (a greenhouse) for about 3-5 years. Many thanks for any advice. Cristina


Re: Three colour powder coating on aluminum

you can have 3 colours if by powder coating machines,there is a kind of powder named heat transfer colour,after you spraying the powder on the metal surface and then glue the pattern paper on it.Put the work piece with the paper in the overn for curing,after several minutes,take it out ,take off the paper and then you can get the pattern that you need.

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I have developed a powder coat method wherein photo quality images (or color panels) can be applied. An example of the final look can be seen at: ( http://www.concealedoutdoors.com ) This process can be done over metalic or non-conductive substrates. Independent lab tests showed <2.5 delta E (barley detectable) after 5 years accelerated UV exposure.


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Kolorfusion also do this kind of work known as Sublimation Printing

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KolorFusion is an awesome process giving excellent results.  Check into their UV resistance.  Also, it's tough to top coat as the inks volatilize at around 185*f.