Topic: Special One Day Hardcoat Anodizing Seminars


**Special One-Day Seminars**

The Science and Engineering of Hardcoat Anodizing

Learn the 'Nuts & Bolts' - for Operators, Process Engineers, and Planners

Four New Locations:

January 20, 2012 - in Detroit, MI (hotel information TBA)

March 2, 2012 - in Cleveland, OH (hotel information TBA)

March 20, 2012 - in Wichita, KS (hotel information TBA)

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*Seminar Registration is $499. Space is limited so register early while space is available.*

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Course Overview

The LightMetals Institute will present a comprehensive one-day program on the correct way to hardcoat anodize aluminum and its alloys. This course is taught by Bill Corcoran,Lead Nadcap Auditor and industry expert. You will learn about aluminum alloys, the metallurgy of aluminum and its alloys, the electricity and chemistry necessary to do proper hardcoat anodizing and the electrochemistry of the process. The key to proper hardcoat anodizing is to understand the process and to apply sound and proper science and engineering to your operation. Control is the key.

What will be taught?

Hardcoat anodizing is a sequential process where the success of every step depends on the proper execution of the prior step. We will address how to do this. Among the important topics included in the course will be the correct steps and procedures for proper pre-treatment, and different methods of processing will be introduced. Following processing, a myriad of processes is available for post treatment including dyeing and sealing. Various methods that are used and popular today will be reviewed as well as some new technologythat is just entering the market.

How do I register?

Seminar Registration is $499.Space is limited so register early while space is available.

This course will give attendees the skills and knowledge to achieve consistency and efficiency in the shop. Go to:http://www.lightmetalsindustries.com/seminar to learn how to register.

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