Topic: Knowing Detail Features of Different Steel Products

Following the development of industrial revolution and advanced technology, the steel area is being rapid advances, all kind of new technologies are used in steel products to improve the features of steel. Today's construction industry has been rapid progress, the demand of steel suppliers, a higher demand of quality and quantity of steel products. Generally speaking, there are some differences in steel prices and features for different products, the below will give some detail instruction to the often using steel series.

According to the shape of steel, the steel products can be divided into many types, such as steel pipes, steel coil, steel sheet, etc. via the related marketing survey, we have found that Seamless Pipes are widely used different areas. It is known that Seamless Pipe is a hollow sections, peripheral joints round, square, rectangular steel. Seamless steel pipes with hollow cross-section, a large number of solid steel pipes, steel round bar used for conveying fluids compared to the same torsional strength in bending, lighter, is an economic cross-section steel, widely used in the manufacture of the structure parts and mechanical parts, such as drill pipe, automotive drive shafts, bicycle frames,and the construction using steel scaffolding.

There is another steel tube, which is called rectangular tube. The rectangular tube is a hollow square cross-section of light thin-walled steel pipe, also known as steel cold-formed profiles. It is made ??by the Q235 hot rolled or cold rolled strip or coil for parent metal forming by cold bending after the high-frequency welding steel of square cross-section shape and size. Hot-rolled special thick-walled square tubes in addition to wall thickness of thickening, the size of the corner and edge straightness to achieve even more than the resistance welding of cold formed square tube level. And it is widely used in the manufacture of mechanical parts and engineering structures. Also commonly used for the production of conventional weapons, the barrel shells.

Because the difference of rolling temperature, rolling steel can be divided into hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel. Simply speaking, a billet in the heating, rolling through several re-trimming, corrective become steel plate, which is called hot-rolled-steel. The feature of hot rolled steel plate is low hardness, easy processing and good quality. Cold rolled steel is steel plate further rolled into a target thickness of the plate at room temperature. Comparing to hot rolled steel plate, cold rolled sheet thickness is more precise and smooth surface, beautiful and offers a variety of superior mechanical properties, especially the processing performance. And cold rolled steel is often used for cars, refrigerators, washing machines and other appliances, and industrial equipment, construction materials.

In addition to the above-mentioned steel products, there are so many featured steel, like galvanized steel, galvalume steel, prepainted steel, etc. Owing to different features, they will play a different role in related areas.

In modern steel marketing, steel prices are changing based on the economic trends, and steel suppliers are different according to region differences. In order to find the high quality steel suppliers that can provide the proper steel prices and then getting the long cooperation, the internet marking is become important, nowadays, more and more companies own their website of steel to promote their steel products and services, via these ways, for most steel demanders, they can get total information about latest steel market.

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