Paul Fisher

Topic: Innovation in the Metal Finishing Industry?

A consultant recently asked me this question and I've had a hard time answering it..... Can anyone here name a company currently in the Metal Finishing industry that could be considered to be an "innovator"?


Re: Innovation in the Metal Finishing Industry?

Hi Paul,

I'll be up front and say that I'm biased in this reply, but the company that I work for; Keronite is an innovator. We've been at the forefront of PEO (Plasma Electrolytic Oxidisation) for over a decade and are constantly developing new coatings for light alloys. The Keronite coating is an extremely hard ceramic coating grown from the metal substrate that is harder, more durable and provides better corrosion resistance than Hard Anodising. Oh and it also doesn't use strong acids or heavy metals in the process, it's clean waste.

Part of the reason we can innovate with our coatings is the huge variety of customer requirements, environmental constraints and specifications we have to work with. To that end we have a full applications engineering department and work closely with organisations such as the University of Cambridge for research and development.

So there's an answer for you, Keronite is an innovator!


Ray Kremer

Re: Innovation in the Metal Finishing Industry?

There are new processes and alterations of existing processes happening all the time. Pay attention to the articles and advertizing in industry magazines, that alone will show you a few. Every company that introduced a trivalent chromate conversion method when the hexavalent method got banned would qualify.