Topic: EnviroServe Chemicals Developes New Sealer

EnviroServe Chemicals, an industry leader in pretreatment chemicals and process technology, developes a new sealer for automated paint pretreatment wash systems.

This new organosilane modified sealer is designed to run in a normal final seal process.

Preliminary tests on this product show significant improvements in corrosion resistance. These tests show an increase in salt spray hours as high as 12% on ferrous metals and 20% on aluminum.

EnviroSeal 3310 is still in the testing stages, but will be added to the product line in July of 2012.

Manual spray and immersion versions will also be available.

For more information on this product, please contact David Jones-R&D Chemist, or Jonathan Ballard-Sales Dir. at (910) 892-1791.

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