Topic: Some Basic Knowledge of Angle Iron

It is known that steel is used in our production and life widely, in modern society, steel, with its low price and reliable performance as one of the world's most commonly used materials, construction, manufacturing, and an integral part of daily life components. Can say that steel is the material basis of modern society. According to different classification criteria, the steel can be divided into many different types, like by shape, there are steel pipe, steel sheet,steel angle iron, flat bar, etc.

Although steel plays a so important role in modern life, most people know a little about steel some common knowledge. According to the strict definition, steel is defined as: iron as the main element, the carbon content is generally below 2%, and contains other elements of the material. Generally speaking, except the main elements of steel---iron and carbon, there are silicon, manganese, sulfur and phosphorus, and other ingredients to make the steel properties differ.

There are many different kinds of steel by different standard, but now we will talk about a kind of special steel---Angle Iron.

What is the angle iron?

Angle iron is called angle steel, and it is perpendicular to both sides of the long steel angle. There equilateral angle steel and unequal angle of the points. Equilateral angle width equal to two sides. The specifications to side edge width × width × thickness of a few millimeters said. And angle iron according to the different needs of the structure composed of various components of the force, but also can be used for connections between components.

The use of angle iron

Because angle iron is constructed of carbon steel, is a simple cross-section of the steel steel, mainly used in metal structures and plant frameworks. In use require good weldability, deformation properties and good mechanical strength. In additon, angle is widely used in various building structures and engineering structures such as beams, bridges, transmission towers, lifting and transport machinery, ships, industrial furnace, reaction tower, racks and storage containers, etc.

About angle steel prices and import and export

Nowadays, some countries in addtion to import some large steel from Japan or Western Europe, more and more countries begin to import all kinds of small angle steel, medium iron steel and special shape angle iron from China Steel Manufacturers. Because there are many famous China Steel Mills can provide high quality angle steel products with proper prices. Especially, the angle iron prices is always keeping the stable level although the economy of world is many instable factors.


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Iron and steel are the most common materials used to make angle iron,
especially when it will be used in a structural framework. In these
cases, the angle iron is often called angle steel or steel angle iron. It is used when weight or rust are important considerations.Sometimes angle iron is sold with a powder finish that
resembles paint.


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