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Topic: Sealing Edges for PVD

Good afternoon members,

I am new to the forum and would love some suggestions.My company runs PVD services for a variety of markets and we consistantly run into a challenge that I was hoping for some insite on. We run into moderate to severe outgassing in our chamber when faced with two pieces of electroplated steel that have been tack welded together. We know that we cannot bakeout or clean between the parts and were thinking about trying a method for sealing the edge prior to introduction to the chamber. I have read that there are some polymers, epoxys and other methods for sealing the edge but cant seem to find an actual product that would be suitable to a vacuum chamber and not outgas. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

As a side note, we conduct all of our own polishing and electroplating as well so if it is something that can be introduced in those steps, let me know.





Re: Sealing Edges for PVD


   I'm not sure I would want to seal any sort of entrapped material during a PVD process.  The level of vacuum (or low pressure) generated during the process could cause any entrapped gasses to violently erupt.  PVD frequently causes solids and liquids to sublimate or evaporate, again causing (potentially violent) eruptions. 

I have never heard of any product that can seal a gap or edge of a surface prior to a PVD process. 

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