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Topic: Management buyout at Reinhausen Plasma GmbH

Relyon Plasma – innovative plasma technologies for surface pretreatment


a management buyout, on 1st July 2014 Dr. Stefan Nettesheim and
Klaus Forster took over Reinhausen Plasma GmbH, including all assets and
patents. On 1st October 2014, the company was renamed relyon plasma


The core competencies of relyon plasma GmbH lie in
developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative atmospheric plasma technologies
for industrial and hygienic applications. The concern was founded in 2002 as a
subsidiary company of the machine factory Reinhausen GmbH located in Regensburg
in southern Germany. In 2004, under the name of Reinhausen Plasma, the company started
selling atmospheric plasma solutions for pretreating and coating surfaces. On 1st
July 2014, Dr. Stefan Nettesheim and Klaus Forster took over the concern
following a management buyout (MBO).

The MBO underlines the confidence of the new
management in the growing trans-sectoral market for atmospheric plasma applications.
Nettesheim, CEO of the company since November 2011, explained: “With our
development skills and our interdisciplinary team that knows the diverse
possibilities of practice-orientated plasma applications, we’re convinced that
we can influence the market more strongly than in the past”. Klaus Forster, COO
in charge of organizational development and procurement, added: “We have
extensive industrial experience in medical technology, automotive, packaging, electronics, aerospace
and various other industries as well as in research and laboratory fields; this
enables us to supply an adapted, demand-orientated spectrum of modular components
for surface pretreatment, such as for activating and precision cleaning a wide
range of materials, and also for the purposes of disinfection, tissue
stimulation and odor neutralization in laboratory and medical areas”. The
components manufactured by relyon plasma cover not only fully-automated but
manual applications as well.

The company has also set the course
for international growth. To do this, sales and service networks have been set
up with experienced partners in France, Asia and the USA.


For more information, please contact relyon plasma
GmbH, Regensburg, Germany, Tel +49 941 60098-0,