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Topic: Strong Demand for Booth Locations at PaintExpo 2016 and 2017

18 months before the trade
fair opens, more than 175 companies from 12 countries have already made firm
bookings for their booth locations at PaintExpo 2016. As a result, approximately
50% of all exhibition floor space occupied at the event in 2014 has already been
booked. The international trade fair for industrial coating technologies to be
held in April 2017 due to the schedule change to the odd-numbered years is also
right on course: roughly 80% of the companies have decided to participate both


“Even we ourselves have been a bit surprised, and of course pleased
with the strong demand for booth floor space at this early point in time. The
fact that many companies have not only booked booth floor space for PaintExpo
2016, but rather for 2017 as well, is especially encouraging. As a result of
the schedule change to the odd-numbered years, the leading international trade
fair will take place after just one year in 2017”, explains Jürgen Haußmann,
managing director of event promoters FairFair GmbH. Practically all of the
market and technology leaders from the various fields of industrial coating
technologies are amongst the 175 companies who are already included in the
exhibitor list. It’s no wonder that PaintExpo has established itself as the
number one information and procurement platform for users around the globe.
This is also made apparent by the visitor numbers at PaintExpo 2014 which
increased by 14.2% to a total of 9167. 26.6% of the expert visitors came from
outside of Germany – from a total of 70 countries. “PaintExpo has evolved into
the unequivocal meeting place for the industry sector. The audience has once
again become more professional and international, and even more visitors have
attended PaintExpo. We’re already looking forward to PaintExpo 2016”, reports
Martin Weidisch from marketing at J. Wagner GmbH – one of the companies who
have already made firm bookings for floor space at the leading international
trade fair in 2016, and are thus enjoying a full range of options with regard
to booth location. Amongst other companies, this is also being taken advantage
of by US manufacturer of UV-LED curing technology, Phoeson Technology Inc., as
well as Lesta S.R.L. from Italy, who both participated at the leading trade
fair for industrial coating technologies for the first time in 2014. 18 months
before the trade fair opens, the companies who have already registered for
PaintExpo 2016 will occupy roughly 6,300 square metres (67,812 sq. ft.) of
floor space, which amounts to about 50% of all occupied floor space in 2014.
And roughly 40% has already been firmly booked for PaintExpo 2017.


Representative, Forward-Looking Offerings

“We’re expecting further growth of visitor numbers once again in
2016”, says Jürgen Haußmann. This is indicative of the fact that users in
various regions around the world are faced with different, but nevertheless
generally increasing requirements. These include higher levels of quality and
increased productivity, as well as more flexibility and sustainability. Beyond
this, the use of new materials, for example lightweight components made of
fibrous composite materials, as well as utilisation of various materials within
a given finished product, are presenting in-house painting operations and
coating job-shops with new challenges. This results in investment needs for
in-house painting operations around the globe, because these requirements can
only be fulfilled through the use of technical innovations. And these are
presented by the exhibitors at PaintExpo in a diversity which is unparalleled
anywhere else in the world, and cover the entire process sequence for liquid
painting, powder coating and coil coating. The exhibition programme encompasses
liquid painting and powder coating systems, application systems and spray guns,
liquid paints and powdered enamels, automation and conveyor technology,
cleaning and pre-treatment, drying and curing, environmental technology,
pneumatics, compressed air supply and exhaust purification, water treatment,
recycling and disposal, accessories, measuring and test technology, quality
assurance, paint stripping, job-shop coating, services and technical
literature. Beyond this, downstream process steps such as printing and
packaging are covered as well.

The same programme will be showcased at the 3rd PaintExpo
Eurasia, trade fair for industrial coating technology in Istanbul, Turkey, from
the 15th through the 17th of
October, 2015. The Turkish offshoot will be promoted mutually by FairFair GmbH
and Artkim Fuarcilik.

Further information and a preliminary exhibitor list can be accessed