Topic: Anodizing Improving

I would like to improve in the anodizing process , by now i just read a lot of principals about chemistry and practice .

I really need to know about the proper instalation and facility , also about the materials used for aluminum preparation ( washing and rinsing ) , the properĀ material for the baths containers and the acid as well .The right voltage , temperature in every bath including sealing.

The other topic about this is how to get different colors , whats the process for this and what else do I need to add to the bath .I would like to get colors similar to the racing parts used on cars and motorcycles ( white , silver , red , blue , green , etc )

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Re: Anodizing Improving

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ThatĀ“s a lot of questions. Please take a look at Anodizing World, where you will find the answers for some of the questions.

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Re: Anodizing Improving

http://www.anodizeworld.com also has information on anodizing

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