Mark Smith

Re: Graphitic Carbon Coating

RE:    Carbon Graphite Coating   --or--   Graphitic Carbon Coating.

Hi Everyone;
We’ve been trying to find any information on a process that was called “Carbon Graphite Coating” by our Italian customer. Their English is limited, our Italian non-existent, so we’ve been trying to find out more about this on our own. It might also be called “Graphitic Carbon Coating”, or it may be called neither of these terms but rather something close.

They want their small aluminum fan blade (impeller), and its aluminum housing, coated in this to help prevent sparking if the two ever came in contact with each other. The blade is designed to clear the housing by .005” and they’re worried about mishaps.

Has anyone ever heard of it?  Anywhere you can direct me to might be able to help.  Thanks!!!

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bill doherty

Re: Graphitic Carbon Coating

I am not sure if this is the same process but I have used a colloidal graphite wet spray to coat items which are not conductive as a primer to allow subsequent decorative powdercoat. It works a treat on kiln dried pottery for example.
I can not vouch for it's protective functionality though.
Hope this is of some help.