Topic: Decortive finish on plastic substrate

I need to have a durable chrome color applied to a plastic substrate - Nylon 66  33GF.

I need a layer only for decoration and needs to be durable to meet typical automotive standards.

Device is a key fob (hand held remote control unit).

Current design includes TPU soft-touch regions.   The TPU surface can not have chrome color on it.

Also, the chrome color on the nylon A-surfaces will only be in selective regions.

Obviously, masking is key here.

Also, the coating can not create RF signal interferance.

Looking for:

1.  Possible vendors who are good with detail masking as well as direct coating onto plastic substrate.

2.  What process am I really asking for?  I.E.  spray, vacuum metalization, PVD, ??

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Re: Decortive finish on plastic substrate

After reviewing your requirements, what you are looking for seems very difficult if not impossible. Starting with the difficulty on plating on 6.6 Nylon to the use of a 33% glass filled element to the selective plating and finally with the interference that the plated coating would have on the RF. I would suggest to review each requirement individually, and see if there can be another way to do things. Starting with seeing if the parts can be made from a plateable grade ABS. If this can be done, then go from there to address each of the other requirements. We might be able to help out, but not with the current requirements. For more information about our process and capabilities you can go to our website at www.ipsfinishing.com.


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Re: Decortive finish on plastic substrate

I'm afraid that Enrique is correct here.  The substrate is very difficult to plate.  Are you certain that you must use glass-filled nylon?

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