Topic: Batch treatment or Flow though?Whats better?

We are using a batch treatment system atm. Running 2-3 batches a day 1100g each. A few people have told us a Flow though system would be better for us to use. What are the pros and cons of both?


Re: Batch treatment or Flow though?Whats better?

  I have used both and they both have advantages.  The question is what is right for you, from what I saw on your electroplating question you have a cyanide waste stream and from your user name you probabily have a nickel.  What is your batch treat?  Is it cyanide destruct or nickel reduction?  As you know they are different treatments,  And don't play well with each other.  If its nickel it is not very hard to automate.  If its cyanide it can be automated but do you want to take the risk of letting any cyanide to the sewer system?  With only 3,000 gal. a day I would probably get a larger tank to handle one treat a day.



Re: Batch treatment or Flow though?Whats better?

Cyanide destruct is what we are doing.We have copper cyanide & bronze cyanide also. Thanks for your input.

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Re: Batch treatment or Flow though?Whats better?

I think that many people find it more economical to move from a batch system to a flow-through system somewhere between the 3000-5000 gallons per day mark.  I've also seen companies that are thinking of making the switch realize some significant savings by segregating their waste streams.  If you aren't keeping your waste streams separate now, I'd recommend you go this route first.  In any case, you will most likely be segregating your streams if and when you go to a continuous flow system anyway.

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Re: Batch treatment or Flow though?Whats better?

I would have to agree with DustinGebhardt. Flow-through systems have got to be more economical especially at the 3000-5000 rate.

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