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We have been required to stop using compressed air to clean ourselves off. Vaccuum's don't seem to work that well and coveralls are costly. Does anyone have any ideas that you can share. I would appreciate it. Thanks


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I guess standing in front of a fan and spinning would be the next best thing lol.

If you go to you can find some paint suits for around $15.00.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Powder Paint clean up???

What is it about the compressed air that has caused this new rule in your shop? Is the dust you are blowing off ending up somewhere it can cause problems? It would be interesting to know more of the "why" on this one.....


Re: Powder Paint clean up???

You could bring up the option of using low pressure nozzles for blowing off(below 15 psi I think) This eliminates the safety hazard from using compressed air to blow off (most likely the reason the practice was eliminated)

The issue with the compressed air is that at high pressure you can blow air under your skin, or possibly in your blood stream if you get the nozzle too close. Air in your blood can kill you.

"An air bubble in the blood stream is known medically as an embolism, a dangerous medical condition in which a blood vessel is blocked, in this case, by an air bubble. An embolism of an artery can cause coma, paralysis or death depending upon its size, duration and location. While air embolisms are usually associated with incorrect diving procedures, they are possible with compressed air due to high pressures. While this seems improbable, the consequences of even a small quantity of air or other gas in the blood can quickly be fatal. "

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Hope that at least explains why. Good luck finding another option


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Powder coat blow dusting yourself off is not allowed? 'Zoot Suits' are too costly?

So why is this? Blowing dust all over the place? Or management scared that you'll try 'tubing'. Opps just being factious. Must be a manual application of powder I guess.

When I ship fitted at Palmer Johnson Yachts every OSHA approved [low pressure/limited volume] blow gun the shop rats had was drilled out. And every shop rat had a second air gun not drilled out for when the OSHA guy came snooping around. Just a fact of life.

Management worried about the eyes, ears or nose and too much noise? Using too much costly compressed air?
A safe bet is disallowing clean-up is money related.

Well blow off in the clean room which I guess you don't have so blow off in an enclosure with a filter wall and fan exhausting the powder fines into a powder filter. Or just build a 20" x 20" x 1" dry filter media wall with a fan to atmosphere. Then the cars out in the parking lot can become powdered.

Your not going to vacuum yourself off in my honest opinion.

Keep insisting on being blown off and try to contain that mess in an enclosure.


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Re: Powder Paint clean up???

Thanks for good advice. I have the same problem.

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