Topic: Excellent Metal Surface treatment under the RoHS Directive

Nihon Ruspert Co. has considerable expertise and technology in the field of metal surface processing.

The anti-corrosion, decorative and functional technologies of our company are developed under the RoHS standard (metal surface processing with green awareness),which are totally different from other products among the processing industry.  In order to promote the excellent processing technologies in the overseas  markets,we look forward to hearing from you, and hope that you will view our homepage at

Benefits of RUSPERT treatment

1.Superior corrosion resistance with Salt spray Tests of over 1,000 hours

2. Thin Film, Coating Layers: 10~15㎛

3. Work Process, Energy-saving and without drainage issues

4. No use of hexavalent chromium and trivalent chromium-based lead, cadmium, mercury as per the RoHS standard.

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