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Topic: Powder Coating Consultant

We are powder Coating manufacturing consultancy service providers based in Pakistan. We provide consultancy services globally for the manufacturing of Powder Coatings. We have skilled and highly tallented hard working team experienced from different multinational powder manufacturing companies.

Feel free to contact us if you want to start the Powder Coating manufacturing unit OR you being powder manufacturer want to extend your product range and want to cut down your manufacturing cost.

For new setup ups we provide all the services from the beginning of planning to the start of production on very low cost. we help in setting up plant, building layouts, purchasing of equipments, purchasing of raw materials, detailed raw material sources, worldwide best powder formulations of all types of decorative and protective coatings, production operating procedures, testings, sales & marketing plannings etc

Further to this we do provide afterwards free help to our clients incase of any production problem, raw material sources or requirement of any new formulation/development.

Powder Coating Manufacturing Consultancy Service providers
Karachi Pakistan

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Powder Coating Manufacturing Technology Consultant

Karachi Pakistan



Paul Fisher

Re: Powder Coating Consultant

Hello Babar, please limit direct promotions of your product/services to the Market Place Forum .  The Powder Coating Forum is reserved for the discussion of technical issues, which I am certain, based on these marketing materials, that you can add to.   If you would like to become an official site sponsor for increased recognition, please contact me off line and we'll help you find the right package for your needs.

Thank you very much for sticking to this guideline, and for your participation and membership in the worlds largest interactive online forum for the Metal Finishing Industry!