Topic: Polyester Spun Bond Nonwoven Powder Coating Filters

Polyester Spun Bond Non-woven Powder Coating Filters

The unique technology process creates products with the excellent properties of a uniform surface, high tear strength and high porosity.  This media works great for Reclaiming your powder paint!  Spun Bond can be cleaned easily and reused up to 8 times before having to replace a filter.  It will not rip or tear, and lasts a lot longer than regular paper(cellulose) or a Blended media.  

Check out these Bottom-Load Universal Boot Pleated Bags for Baghouses that reduce labor cost by eliminating time associated with installation of filter bags for bottom removal baghouse systems. Design eliminates assembly of multiple components. Pleated high-efficiency spun bond polyester media expands collection surface and reduces operating pressure drop. Available in the standard construction (up to 200°F), Pleat+PLUS® pleated bag offers superior dust release.

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Erin Hunt

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