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Topic: Supply electroplating intermediates for brighteners

Wuhan Jadechem Chemicals Co., Ltd. is one of the professional manufacturers in China, whose main products are intermediates for nickel, copper and zinc plating.

What we have:

-Intermediates for nickel brightener: ALS,ATP,  ATPN, BOZ, BEO, BMP, BBI, DEP, EHS, PME, PA, PAP, PS, PPS, PPS-OH, PABS, SSO3, TC-DEP, TCA,  ect.

-Intermediates for copper brightener: CB series for Alkaline copper--CB-1, CB-4, CB-5, CB-6, SP/SPS, M, N, H1, PEG-6000, UPS, DPS, ZPS, MPS

-Intermediates for zinc brightener: BAR, BZA, OCT-5/-15, BPC48, IMZE, HETM

ISO9001:2000 certified, we only produce high quality products, moreover, the price is competitive enough. For more information, please visit Contact me at or

Phone: 86-27-83552071 ext.8020

Fax: 86-27-83551196

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