Topic: Batch System Liquid Waste Reduction First.

Batch System; Liquid Waste Reduction First.

The Idea and Question about waste treatment, either batch or flow through is...

Take the liquid waste, reduce it's volume in gallonage into two types of waste. A hazardous liquid and a non hazardous dry waste. Maybe like a filter press cake.

I learned of a company in my town that manufactures waste dryers or more properable called liquid reducers where a 'hazardous liquid' like substance normally going to a 'hazardous land' fill can be pumped in, dried, augured out as a material dry enough to go to 'nonhazardous land fill'.

Technically I don't know much more then this. I have seen these being built, videos of these working, and have seen the company literature on the 'inner workings'.

I'm guessing a machine like this is NOT meant for metals separation. But may be able to reduce the quantity of waste needing to be treated as hazardous waste.

Might be a savings here as waste hauled, treated and discharged is paid by the gallon. Plus all the paperwork headache that travels with each gallon of liquid waste may be reduced. A reduction here alone is where these machines pay for themselves, as per company literature.

These semi truck sized units can be used in the first step of waste disposal producing one of the types of waste that will not requiring a PVC bottom cap nor a cap over the filled and closed waste pit.

Anybody here of this?


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