Topic: Anodizing Chemistry for Sale

My company received the following materials as part of a contract buy-out and I can't use any of it in my process. If you are interested in any of it please contact me.

Research the pricing and make me an offer

Tin Sulfate 225 - Bulk


Salmix GF 104 - Bulk730 LBS
Salmix GF 104 (55-Gal Drum)8 EA
Sallox C 200 GF - Bulk250 LBS
Sallox C 200 GF  (275 Gal Bin)3 EA
Rapid Seal 2M MU - Bulk400 LBS
Rapid Seal 2M MU * (55 Gal Drum)4 EA
Rapid Seal 2M R - Bulk397 LBS
2-Hydroxy-5-Sulfo-Benzoic Acid566 LBS
1,2 Dihydroxybenzene396 LBS
Stannous Sulfate, 240 g/l2,349 LBS
Lithium Acetate5,280 LBS

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