Topic: Small Parts

I'm working with some fairly small envelope partsĀ and wondering if there was anyone out there than made small scale automated Powder Coating equipment. We are having trouble with surface preparation and I want to automate the process to better control it.


Re: Small Parts


It's tough when it comes to painting small parts. Especially ones that need to be powder coated. With wet paint, an immersion pretreatment and paint system would work great because there is no overspray, however with powder, the smaller the part, the more the overspray. And without a excellent recliam system, a lot of powder will get waisted.

I would look for a gun with as small a deflecter as possible with a slot that would be ideal for the size part you are painting.

With regards to the preparation of the part before paint, an immersion (dip/soak) process would be ideal. A wand would probabaly blow the parts around with the high pressure, and an in line system would probabaly be overkill.

hope this helps

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