Topic: Nickel Electroforming with a twist

Since the beginning of my career I've been involved with metal finishing in one form or another, although I'm more involved with paints now. I don't have the resources that I once had to perform R&D work but that hasn't stopped my mind from asking new questions.

Among the many finishes I was responsible for, I use to electroform parts in a sulfamate nickel bath. The product had to achieve a certain hardness and yet be ductile enough to provide a long fatigue life. There is a requirement to paint this part black and I was wondering if anyone out there had ever tried "black" nickel electroforms? Having never done "black" nickel, I know very little about the bath properties or capabilities.

I'd be interested to hear from anyone looking into this (or similar) process. Thanks.

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Re: Nickel Electroforming with a twist


I found this on here.  Hope it helps.