Topic: How to plate silver over chromium. Help!

Hi.. I am required to plate silver on a sample with a chromium surface for a customer. After electrocleaning, I acid dipped in 10% H2SO4 and after silver plating, the silver peeled off. I tried acid dipping in 50% HCL and 25% HCL but my sample ended up hazy. What should I do?

(My sample has a plastic base followed by a layer of Cu, Ni, and finally Cr. I know my solution is alright as I managed to plate silver over Ni with no problem)


Re: How to plate silver over chromium. Help!

I have never seen anybody plate on top of chrome.  It might be possible, but I am not aware of it.

-Dustin Gebhardt, CEF

Advanced Manufacturing/Finishing Engineer


Sanford, NC