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Topic: PaintExpo – More than 400 Exhibitors Present Solutions for More Effici

When the doors open for
the 4th PaintExpo at the Karlsruhe Exhibition Centre on 17 April
2012, more than 400 exhibitors from 24 countries will be on hand. During the
course of the 4-day event, they will present solutions for more efficient
liquid painting, powder coating and coil coating on more than 105,000 square
feet of net exhibition floor space. Offerings cover the entire process sequence
from pre-treatment right on up to quality control for practically all

With over 400 exhibitors exclusively from the field of industrial
coating technology, the fourth PaintExpo is experiencing significant growth
amounting to more than 22% as opposed to the event in 2010. Approximately 25%
of the exhibitors come from outside of Germany and a total of 24 countries are
represented. With impressive increases in exhibitor numbers, internationalism
and floor space, PaintExpo is further expanding its position as the leading
international trade fair for industrial coating technology, and is providing
visitors from companies with in-house painting operations and job-shop coaters
with multi-sector offerings for a comprehensive range of materials which are
unavailable anywhere else to this extent. The portfolio encompasses equipment
and application technology, paints, drying and cross-linking systems, conveyor
systems, automation solutions and painting robots, measuring and test
equipment, quality control, environmental engineering, accessories, consumable
materials and services, as well as printing, identification and packaging.

Lots of New Products and Enhancements
in all Exhibition Segments

Numerous exhibiting companies take advantage of PaintExpo to present
newly developed and enhanced solutions. These are laid out to conserve
resources and reduce energy consumption, and at the same time to increase
process reliability, quality, flexibility and ecology. Various exhibitors will
present new processes and products based on nano-ceramics for more efficient
and ecological pretreatment of metallic surfaces. And there’s news with regard
to blasting, grinding and ionising the surfaces of metals, plastics and wooden
materials before they’re sent to painting. System concepts which reduce energy
consumption for powder coating, as well as for liquid and electrophoretic dip
painting, and at the same time increase flexibility with regard to processes,
manufacturing lot quantities and expandability, will also meet with great
interest on the part of the visitors. In the field of application technology,
new and enhanced paint guns and atomisers with increased transfer efficiency
are allowing for cost reductions and quality improvements. A world’s first in
the field of paint feed based on a compact, high pressure, double diaphragm
pump with gear ratios of 7:1 and 16:1 will also be presented. This innovation
allows for large delivery rates of 2.6 or 1.25 litres per double stroke, and at
the same a small number of double strokes, minimal shear effect in the fluid
and extremely low-noise operation. Beyond this, up to 30% energy savings are made
possible by the drive design with zero dead space as compared with the paint
circulating pumps which are commonly used today. The exhibitors at this year’s
PaintExpo will also showcase lots of new products in the areas of liquid and UV
paint systems, as well as powdered enamel systems. Where liquid paint is
concerned, attention is still being focused on reducing VOC emissions through
the use of so-called very high solid and ultra-high solid paints, as well as
improved corrosion protection. UV paints which offer a broad range of
applications for painting both plastic and metal surfaces will also be
presented. In addition to developments involving increased corrosion
protection, systems which offer reduced baking temperatures, as well as the
associated savings and higher throughput rates, are also a focal point where
powdered enamels are concerned. Systems will be presented to this end for which
it has been possible to reduce the baking temperature from 180°C to between 140°C
and 160°C with baking times of 10 to 15 minutes. Beyond this, one of the large
paint manufacturers will unveil his new worldwide product brand for liquid
paint and powdered enamel coating solutions in the fields of wind power,
aviation, yachts and other maritime applications, as well as general industrial

Other new developments deserve mention as well, for example painting
robots, conveyor systems, test and inspection systems, accessories such as
covering materials, painting hangers, filters and pumps, as well as paint
stripping systems and agents.

PaintExpo will take place at the Karlsruhe Exhibition Centre from 17
through 20 April 2012, and will be open Tuesday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to
5 p.m., and on Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Further information and the
exhibitor list can be accessed at


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