Topic: Advantages of Multi-media filters

Multi-media filters find a wide application in the fields of seawater water injection, river or aquifer injection, potable water, sidestream filtration, process water, refinery or industrial waste water and produced water.

In the multi-media filters large grains with lower density form the upper layer while the small grains with higher density form the upper layer. These filters have lot of advantages over the conventional filters. Multi-media filters are 30% lighter than conventional filters and are designed for use where space and weight are at a premium. In new applications the multi-media lightweight media filter designs are offered. They are also used to upgrade existing installations where increased capacity is required without the increase in further weight.

Produced water is treated onshore for reinjection into the oil reservoir or the water is disposed into an environmentally sensitive area. The multi-media filters can be used for polishing in such cases. These filters are capable of achieving free oil levels of below 5ppm at the outlet.

Multi-media filters are known to have very flexible configurations. Applications where large banks of vertical filters are impractical, horizontal filters can be used. The vertical filters and horizontal filters are engineered on the same principles of high standards and efficiencies and they offer to the customer high flexibility in configuration to meet their particular needs.

Multi-media filters are available in a wide range of materials. For instance the vessel internals can be manufactured from Super Duplex Stainless steel or Titanium so that they can face the harshest of environments.


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