Topic: Nickel plate over cast zinc

is the best Nickel corrosion resistant plating over zinc castings the Electroless Nickel Mil-C-26074 B Grade C ?

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Re: Nickel plate over cast zinc

High phosphorous electroless nickel is an excellent solution for corrosion resistance, and can be applied to zinc die cast parts. Care must be taken in the pretreatment, especially if the die cast is porous, as this too will affect corrosion resistance. Regarding the spec for the coating. Class C calls for 0.0015" coating thickness. Normally 0.001" coating thickness is sufficient for high phosphorous EN. Heat treatment must also be considered if the primary objective is corrosion resistance. Heat treatment will increase the coating hardness and adhesion, and can alleviate hydrogen embrittlement if that is an issue. But heat treatment of the coating will also reduce corrosion resistance. I hope this information is helpful, and I would be willing to provide additional information/assistance if you like.