Topic: Is There a Directory of NA Electroforming Houses?

I am attempting to locate North American electroforming houses that have large mandrel capabilities.

A directory would be useful but I will gratefully accept any recommendations regarding electroformers who have large mandrel (24" x 24" or greater) capacity. The predominant product format for these houses will be large PCB solder masks.

My application requires very fine features (~ 40 micron) and straight sidewalls  with a minimum of intrinsic mechanical stress. Pure nickel or nickel-cobalt processes are a main interest.

Thanking you in advance.


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Re: Is There a Directory of NA Electroforming Houses?

There is an association in the US for all types of electroplating called NASF that in theory - should have this kind of information. You can call them at 202-457-8404.

Thanks for your post and good luck!