Topic: Lots of unused/unopened chemicals and supplies for Anodizing


I have a lot of unused/unopened chemicals that I purchased from US Specialty Color Corp. I can't set up my anodizing line where I live after I moved and need to get rid of them. Everything is for sale on eBay but I could work on the prices and delivery if you are close to me.

eBay listings can be found here: http://www.ebay.com/sch/tamarindmonkey/ … pg=&_from=


3/64" Thick Sheet Lead - 12" x 48" roll - Anode - $70

Chemicals from US Specialty Color Corporation
5 Gallons of Specialty 982 - $85
5 Gallons of Specialty Sealant MTL - $170
100 lb of Specialty 740 - $300
5 lb Specialty Bordeaux Red (dye) - $125
5 lb Specialty F.A.O. Gold N - $50

See colors here: http://www.usspecialty.com/color.php