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We have a customer that has recently requested their parts to be "mechanically zinc plated". I have learned that this process is also called "sheridizing". Does anyone have experience with this process? What type of equipment is involved? Can this be done in an open oblique barrel?What is the estimated capital expenditure for the equipment? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Mechanical Zinc Plating

Hello Lab Rat,

Your question was very interesting to me so I did some quick research.  While I did not find anyone in the US that does this process .... here is what I did learn:

In 1901 Sherard Cooper founded this method in England. You combine your products to be sheradized with sand and zinc dust into a closed metal box.  Then heat this box in a furnace to 410 degr. C. At about 380 degr. C. the zinc dust will melt.  It supposedly has better corrosion resistance as salt spray test results are said to be better than galvanized.

Good luck with this one - I look forward to seeing other posts on this topic.


Re: Mechanical Zinc Plating

There is a company in Naugatuck Connecticut that does mechanical Zinc Plating.
They are a large, well established company.
As Follows:

Donham Craft
East Waterbury Road
Naugatuck, CT  06770

contact:  Mr. Pat Hayden, VP Operations
tel:         (203)729-8244
fax:        (203)729-8487

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