Re: TTX E-Coat line for sale

I have a 15-Stage TTX E-coat line that is in excellent condition. It can be seen in operation and has had a complete refurbishment this year. Some of the system specs are as follows:
    Index TTX with overhead oven, automatic transfer to Power & Free Conveyor
    With or Without Acid Pickle
    Complete 30 gpm Waste-Treatment system - Optional
    Product: 72 wide x 38 high x 48 long
    Square feet per load: 250 per minute
    Lbs. per load: 1,600 including parts, baskets, racks, & SST loadbars
    Load bars per hour (cycle): 20 each
    Product through-put: 8,000 sq ft per hour expandable
    Floor space required: 100 long x 12 wide x 22 high

For more info please contact me at nicholas_thoma@yahoo.com.