Re: Used Electroless Nickel Line for Sale

Electroless Nickel Line 

Poly Pro Tanks with lids as follows:

1-double Counter flow rinse - ea. side-21x23x28

This system also includes

    4 spools copper wire
    Small lab, flasks, ph strips, etc.
    14 filter bags-1 to 5 microns
    100 pounds electro cleaner
    5 gal Nichem-c nickel solution
    50 pounds sodium hypophosphite
    120 volt exhaust fan variable speed
    Box plumbing fittings-coup, valves, etc
    16 ft overhead crane wDayton 500lb electric lift
    Older krome king rectifier-10-100 amp - 10 volt
    Nickel plating book from palm international - great book!
    5-.half inch x 24 inch copper bars
    2 penguin pumps-750 gal per hour-model# p one-half A serial        #200484,200487
    One heater control box model # ne304
    One 480 volt 12000 watt s.s. heater barely used -process technology
    One 240 volt 12000 watt s.s. heater-process technology
    15 pounds steel wool
    Some nickel plate for making anodes

[UPL036]  $7,500.00  FOB: TN