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Re: Elsyca debuts PlatingMaster V3.0 at Aero Expo-2006

At Aerospace Design Expo 2006, Elsyca NV ( ) will be presenting its new major release of PlatingMaster V3.0, a CAE tool enabling users to optimise electroplating manufacturing processes. The effects of chosen component shape can be assessed for manufacture, very early in the design cycle, even before any prototypes have been produced, drastically reducing project delivery times and associated costs.
Features include;

    a full 3D electrochemical cell configuration (including position and shape of anodes, screens, current robbers etc.)
    ohmic drop effects in the solution
    anodic and cathodic reaction polarisation behaviour including plating efficiency
    imposed current through one or more electrodes
    imposed potential on one or more electrodes
    local deposit thickness distribution calculation
    resistive electrodes with imposed current or voltage for plating on plastics processes
    full definition of external electrical networks

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