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Topic: Finishing Market Monthly Update - April 2009

Finishing Market specializes in the buying, selling, trading, appraising, and removal of used finishing equipment for both the plating and powder coating industries. Our online inventory is constantly updated with new and used finishing products ranging from tanks, pumps and paint booths to entire plating and powder lines.

Crest Automatic Ultrasonics Cleaning Line with 6 queue stations, ultra sonic rinse, wash, pickle and rinse stations complete with air knife blow off. Tank sizes are 51 inches CDOT x 12 inches DOT x 36 inches deep. Fully automatic with touch screen controls, side arm hoist, several racks and carts and more. This line was built entirely of Stainless Steel and Poly and is in very good condition. FOB: Forest City, NC

Acme Manufacturing Automatic Reciprocating Buffing Machine with a 20' long reciprocator, 2HP motor at 15-45 FPM, gear box with rack and gear drive, 4' x 16" plate size. Features adjustable limit switches, emergency stops on both ends, pneumatic relays. The ACME Adjustable Lathes include buffing heads with a spindle diameter of 1-1/4" x 12" long, with an RPM of 1750, airlifts, and 15HP motor. A movable main operators panel with all necessary push button controls including a main panel with all necessary motor starters, transformer and disconnects. A Berlynn Model #1010 Compound Applicator was added to the system in a rebuild in early 2003.

Three Stage Washer tunnel of mild steel construction 50 ft L x 53in. W x 152in. Tall. Gas Fired oven with a footprint of 65ft x 20ft and inlet opening of 68in.x 36in From an old lawn chair factory in NC that has gone offshore.

46 Station Automatic Copper, Nickel, Chrome Rack Plating Line  This rack line was built by Utility Research Company in the 1990’s designed to run high volume decorative chrome (Cu, Ni, Cr) in industrial fittings. 46 stations with DOT’s of 30”, 36”, 25” x CDOT of 144” and 60” Deep. The line is set up in a U-Shape configuration taking up approximately 5000 Sq’ Ft. This system is complete and includes options for all auxiliaries including rectifiers, waste treatment, DI/RO system, scrubbers, fans/blowers etc. Also could include a brand new never used Ultra Sonic Cleaning Station. of mild steel construction 50 ft L x 53in. W x 152in. Tall. Gas Fired oven with a footprint of 65ft x 20ft and inlet opening of 68in.x 36in

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