Topic: plating consumables (titanium products)

We are manufacturing titanium products for hardware and PCB plating, such as Titanium Anode Basket, Titanium Heat Exchanger, Titanium Heating, Titanium Tank, Titanium Jig etc.


The titanium anode basket specification as following:

Material is titanium;

The basket size is: 23”x6”x2.5”x3”hook

                 2.5”x 24”x3”hook  

The size can be made according to request’

The shaped: rectangular, round or according to request;

The hook: according to request;

According to request fit the anode basket bag;


  С 01 Rectangular Anode Basket.jpg
  03 heat exchanger.jpg
  05 cooler.jpg
  05 cooler.jpg


Re: plating consumables (titanium products)

FREEDOM (Baoji) Titanium Product Works located in Baoji City, which is well known as "International Titanium City”.

We melt and refine ingot and slab; manufacture mill products; and distribute our products globally. We mainly engaged in sales of titanium and its alloys plates, foil, rod, tube, wire, and fasteners, at the same time forging deep processing and equipment manufacturing. Our products are according with ASTM, AMS, ASME, MIL, DMS, JIS, DIN specifications, as well as the customer’s requirements.
For more info. please visit our website: http://www.ftitanium.com

Susan Sun