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About Finishing Talk

The Surface Finishing Community & Publication
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Brief History

Finishing Talk is an online community made for and by metal finishers. It was created in 2006 as an online forum where metal finishers could discuss industry related topics, collaborate, and share information, in a casual and easily accessible format. Today, it has expanded enormously. On the verge of 3,000 members, what was once merely a forum has now grown into a hub for the finishing industry. Daily posts, monthly newsletters, new advertising opportunities, and even an internet television show have quickly evolved from Finishing Talk’s humble origins.


Our Growth in the Surface Finishing Industry

Our Growth

Our growth has been so unprecedented that within the first two years we have already felt the need to completely revise our entire website! You are now looking at Finishing Talk 2.0, the new and improved version of the original finishing talk forum brain child. The forums have been redesigned to be even more user friendly and easier to navigate than before. We have a new media kit, covering our various advertising opportunities – from print ads to online banner ads and beyond. Also new is a frequently updated calendar of events, industry news headlines, and a ‘most popular posts of the day’ feature. One of the most exciting new areas of the website is the newsletter page, offering a digital version of the Finishing Talk newsletter that can be read directly from your computer.


Become Familiar with the Surface Finishing Community

Become Familiar

So take a few minutes to look around - and register for the forums. You can search for other members of your company, and even form a group with your coworkers. When we say that Finishing Talk is the metal finishing community, we aren’t kidding. Strike up a conversation, ask a question, watch an episode of Finishing Talk Live