Topic: Cast iron plating

When there is very rusted part and i use acid the part becomes covered with a dark smut, that dark areas dont allow the plating operation.

I imagine, that  is  due to the high content of carbon, and then when you apply acid the metal is removed and the carbon is exposed.

What i do is to try to avoid the use of acid, instead of that i use abrasive methods.

Sometimes is expensive.

Is there any other method ?

For example if the black smut appears is there any method to remove it?

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Re: Cast iron plating

An electrolytic acid may work, but you have to be careful about the type of acid you use.  An acid with fluoride may also help desmut the part.  have you tried to electroclean or ultrasonic clean the part after you acid dip it?

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Re: Cast iron plating

Yes Ultrasonic cleaner can work as the imploding bubbles can clean the part, but

in the case of the acid electrocleaner  how it work?

In the electrolitic alkaline cleaner the bubbles formed can clean the part without attacking the iron.

where is sand involved Fluoride must be used, fluoride removes silica from the sand used on casting.

Iin what other ways the flouride helps to clean the part?

I dont have an ultrasonic cleaner yet, but i can try a electrocleaner.


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