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A Personal Friend Of Mine

June - 2014
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A personal friend of mine, and many others in the metal finishing world, recently celebrated 50 years in business. Palmetto Plating of Easley, SC owned by John Cutchin was all started when he was 16 years old and still in High school. Back then he was plating baby shoes other inanimate objects for people in the community. In March of 1964 he incorporated Palmetto Plating Co., Inc. and opened a facility that stripped and re-copper and later hard chrome plated textile machine components. As metal finishing requirements changed, the company has evolved into an organization that specializes in passivation and electropolishing of stainless steel, chromate conversion and anodizing of aluminum, electroless nickel on various components, as well as nickel chromium and hard chromium. Under Johnís leadership Palmetto Plating has grown as one of the most respected plating shops in the Southeast. In his true gentlemanly manner John accredits his successes to his employees and customers Ėcustomers of which include from the US Military, nuclear facilities, automotive and aerospace manufacturers. I am also privileged to have had the opportunity to know, work and play with many of Johnís employees over the years. Iíll never forget the green hue on Hunterís (Johnís son and star salesman) face while he was hanging over the edge of the fishing boat in Aruba, how everyone seems to know Brandonís name in Myrtle Beach, and especially Bill Smith who passed away a few years back but is still honored each year with a local AESF golf tournament. Now they have Paul Frank who has recently been added to their management team as Executive Vice President and General Manager. Paul was actually the first AESF National President to give me the time of day. So if what they say about ďlike attracts likeĒ then this is certainly one of the big reasons for Johnís success with Palmetto Plating. Speaking of ďBigĒÖÖ take a look below at some of the work that Palmetto processes. Iíve been in thousands of shops around North America and have never seen anyone else who can do this stuff. John built a special building so that the entire room is used for processing these parts from the Nuclear facility.